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europcare - Nursing Recruitment

europcare - Nursing Recruitment 1

About us

Within europcare we bundle competencies to educate and place professionals:

Why with europcare to Germany?

Since 2013 we have been organizing projects for bringing nurses to Germany.
We know what we do and give you all the help you need to find a job and a good life in Germany.

This means:

After coming to Germany in the first six months:

Social care like:

europcare - Nursing Recruitment 2

europcare has a lot of experience in organizing projects with groups of nurses.

For us it is very important, that you feel happy in Germany. Because of this there is a a job coach that helps you in the first 6 months after your arrival in Germany. This could include visiting authorities, filling forms, visiting doctors, emergency cases, help with leisure activities etc. etc.

Why Germany:

German is a hard language to learn.
In order to work successfully as a nurse you have to be fluent in German.

Learning this language is challenging but worth the effort because:

Additionally a lot of social care services are included:

Germany as a country offers

As you can see, it is worth the effort.
Germany welcomes you and europcare helps you in building up a new, nice and save life in Germany.

Our program / How to start?

We are offering your future in Germany in only three steps:


In first step we only need your CV and your diplom or bachelor of nursing. Then we make a first check if you are suitable for our program.


After that we talk with you by telephone or video-call. You will receive detailled information about the actual project and we check together if it fits for you.


You will close a contract with us in order to give us the ability to search a job for you. There will be no costs for you for our work.

Acceptance of diplome

During language course we will start the acceptance process of your diplome in Germany.

Work contract

Next you will close a work contract with an employer in Germany. This means, during your language course you will already have a contract for your job in Germany. We can offer jobs all over Germany in hospital or senior residences.

Language course

You will close a contract with us in order to give us the ability to search a job for you. There will be no costs for you for our work.

How can you start?

You are interested in our program? Wonderful!
Please check first your prerequesites for working in Germany.

Finished study as a nurse with diplome or bachelor
Personal qualification
Willingness to work minimum of 2 years, better 3-5 years or longer in Germany

This is ok for you?
Wonderful, then simply please call us at 0049 89 99 22 869 00 or send us your CV at info@europcare.eu or use our contact-form.
We will inform you about all details and check if you can join our program.


Don’t hesitate – contact us!