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The 3 step program to your new job in Germany

  1. The first step is to participate in a language course. After 6-7 months and a successful test you earn a German B2 (level) certificate. The language course is paid by europcare and employers and given as a credit to you.
  2. As a second step you will start working as an assistant nurse in Germany until you receive you certificate of appreciatio. This takes minimum 3 months.
  3. The third and final step is working as a fully accepted nurse in Germany.

Why should you choose europcare?

europcare has a lot of experience in organizing projects with groups of nurses.  Being in a group has a lot of advantages:

  • Efficient language course
  • Organisation in home-country (e.g. preparation for living in Germany, organisation of acceptance of diplom etc. )
  • Caretaking in Germany
    • Handling of formalities
    • Help finding a flat
    • Introduction of style of living in Germany
    • Offer of leisure activities

For us it is very important, that you feel happy in Germany. Because of this there is a caretaker that helps you in the first 6 months after your arrival in Germany. This could include visiting authorities, filling forms, visiting doctors, emergency cases, help with leisure activities etc. etc.


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