Professionals – situation in Germany


Today the shortage of skilled professionals in Germany is already very high, especially in elderly care. Because of the lack of staff many elderlies are denied access to a nursing home. The demand is huge, because


  • the demographic structure in Germany creates a high demand in elderly care

  • about 150.000 nurses will be probably needed in the next 20 years additionally

  • So a lot of excellent career-chances are arising by becoming a specialist in a lot of different fields or by career-opportunities in management


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 This chart (made by official employment-office in Germany) shows:

  • The red color shows a lack of professionals indicated by at least one of the two reasons:
    • There are at least 40% more offers for professionals then in the rest of Germany and there are less than 150 unemployed people for 100 job offers
    • There are less unemployed people then existing job offers

  • Yellow color means that a lack of professionals is expected

  • Green means, that there are enough people and no lack is expected.


The first map shows the situation for nurses in hospitals and the third for nurses in elderly care.


In the future the demand will increase even more. The Population in Germany is aging every year.  Caused by this the market for elderly care is growing and so are the opportunities for professionals looking for a new job.

Predictions show that in future additional 150.000 professionals are needed to meet the demand for elderly care. This ensures a long term security of employment and there are various career opportunities in specialization as well as in management.

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